Bridges to the World

The mission of the Bridge to the World program is to help our students and staff gain understanding, acquire knowledge and develop the 21st Century skills necessary for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

Author Aldous Huxley once said, “To travel is to learn that everyone is wrong about other countries.” One of the best ways to gain a more informed perspective regarding how other countries and societies function is to visit them and see for yourself.

Through cultural immersion, and by forming international relationships, Chagrin Falls High School offers an educationally unique opportunity for its students to participate in a program that will have a profound impact on their knowledge base and overall life experience.

The Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation, through its fundraising efforts, has been able to continually support the Bridges to the World Program by providing funding to enable administrators to seek out opportunities and make site visits as well as by entertaining and educating visiting students in a fair and reciprocal manner.

CFEF is a key support group for the District’s Bridges to the World program.  This program enhances the educational experience through global partnerships that help students and staff gain skills necessary for living in a globally economic and culturally diverse world.  

Through this program students have visited China, Africa, Costa Rica, France, Egypt, Switzerland and Spain, and many more trips are planned.  The district also has partnerships with sister schools in Africa and China, so there are frequent opportunities to host a foreign exchange student.