CFEF Student Board

The CFEF Student Board is a branch of the Foundation and is open to district-enrolled high school students who are interested in learning about philanthropy, fundraising, community outreach, and the grant process.


The CFEF Student Board is a non-profit student-run high school organization operating under the auspices of the Chagrin Falls Education Foundation.

Its mission is to:

  • Educate students about the importance of philanthropy.
  • Give students firsthand experience in grant making, fundraising, volunteering, and communal decision-making.
  • Develop students’ leadership skills and prepare them for roles they may play in the future.
  • Empower participants to know that they can make a difference!

For more information, please contact: Annie AmataKelly Curtiss or Mary Donley 


The Foundation believes that it is important for students to reach out to others and to serve CF Schools. Through the CFEF Student Board, students have the opportunity to learn about the challenges facing Chagrin schools to work toward improving education. Students will learn about community service and the skills necessary for philanthropic leadership, fundraising and grant writing.


The CFEF Student Board will:

  • Provide high school students with hands on experience solving problems in the Chagrin Falls Schools
  • Teach students about philanthropy, leadership, responsibility and communal decision making
  • Provide a meaningful experience in allocating limited dollars to have the greatest impact on the Chagrin schools
  • Encourage reflection on values and increase confidence in the ability to both contribute and lead
  • Teach listening skills and the ability to work with others with different viewpoints
  • Provide a challenging opportunity and instill a spirit of volunteerism in our future adult leaders
  • Offer a lesson for life in giving back to our community