About Us

Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation (CFEF) is focused on preserving the long-term excellence of the educational opportunities the community expects and on which the District has always delivered.  CFEF offers citizens the opportunity to contribute to these goals. Think of CFEF as the academic “booster” club.

By growing the endowment, CFEF will ensure that the District’s superior programs, which are the hallmark of the Chagrin Falls Schools, will be guaranteed and sustained for future generations, despite financial uncertainties.

That doesn’t mean that all the donations will be reserved for the future…many programs are being funded right now! A percentage of the endowment, as well as money raised at our annual Pancake Breakfast go directly to grant requests during each school year.

In fact, 100% of the proceeds remain in the district to benefit students and faculty.


The mission of the Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation is to advance the district’s goal of providing a comprehensive range of learning opportunities.

The Chagrin Falls Education Foundation was established in 1988 with seed money from the Lucy Ballard Trust. Our founding members made a firm commitment to invest and grow the original funds, which enables us to support innovative arts and academic initiatives within the Chagrin Falls schools. Thanks to proceeds from the Endowment, continued Private Contributions and Student Fundraising, the Foundation works to maintain a Tradition of Excellence in today’s evolving mandate intensive and budget constrained environment. Through teacher grants and student awards, we support the 1,500 students of the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools with programs and experiences that ensure excellence, enrich lives and expand minds.


The Foundation’s goals are to:

  • Enrich the educational opportunities available to the students attending Chagrin Falls Schools’ and their passionate educators by annually granting funds for programs that would otherwise not be fully funded by the school budget.
  • Raise private funds to enhance thought-provoking and creative educational experiences for students, now and in the future.
  • Support and sustain the nationally-ranked education for generations to come through prudent investment of the endowment.