Chagrin Falls Innovation Center

A great big thank you to those who contributed to making the Innovation Center a reality!

Innovators ($350,000 +)
Tim and Heather Ryan

Entrepreneurs ($50,000 +)
Edmund Leopold 

Change Makers ($10,000 +)
Chagrin Falls PTO
The Veale Foundation

Collaborators ($2500 +)
Chagrin Falls Dads Club
Terry and Edda Owen
Scott and Antoanela Vaccaro
Dan and Amy Taussig
Lyndall Associates, Inc. 
Bob and Kristin Tull
Peter and Joelle Snavely
Christy Wynveen
John Epprecht
The Wright/Mandel Charitable Trust

Inventors ($1000 +)
The Chagrin Valley Dance Committee
Paul and Susannah Doman
The Chagrin Falls School Class of 2020
Charles and Meghan Brennan
Kevin and Leigh Kruszenski
The Toney Family Foundation
Paul and Laurie McCormack
Key Bank Foundation 
Matthew and Annie Amata
Paul and Meg Nachtwey
Lynn Reboul
Beth Johnson
Brett and Michelle Adams
Dan Angelino/Beth Embrescia
Smith and Jennifer McKee
Brian and Mary Donley
Charles and Amy Swift
Gregg and Cindy Taber
Michael and Anne Coffey
John and Kelly Curtiss
Joe and Joyce Marquette
Mike and Elizabeth Morris
William Baker
Frank and Karen Eagle

Trailblazers ($500 +)
Peter and Shari Bullen
Andrew Weingart
John and Kelly Curtiss
Gabe and Vicki Orazen
Carrie O'Brien
Brendan and Lisa Buescher
Richard and Connie Croasdaile
Gottschalk Building Company
Amy Myers
Richard and Dawn Haber
Kristen Joyce
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Lawrence and Tina Lechman
Carol Dolan
Scott and Laura Zimmer
Sharon Broz

Creators ($250 +) 
Chagrin Valley Women's Club
Jay Schach
Joseph and Jennifer Cimperman
Rich and Kris Amendola
Diane Nachtwey
Robert and Shannon Hunt
Jamie and Michelle Venorsky
Marty and Mary Kay O'Toole
Kathryn Garvey
Julie and Adam Conrad
Susan Rebeta
Joel and Charlotee Elconin

Designers ($100 +)
John and Laurie Butler
Jeffrey Berlin
Daniel McLain
Clark and Judy White
Doug and Kathie Campbell
Brooke Takacs
John and Jan Curtis
Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce
Angela DeBernardo
The Ranieri Family
Scott and Kris Gillespie
Lowe's Audio and Video
Roseanne Feeney
James Nace
Dan and Anne DeSantis
Mike and Sarah Read
Rachel Jones
Christopher and Charlotte Woofter
Tina Nerpouni
Mike and Karen Wise
Michael Daugherty
Laila Discenza
Anne Spano
Carolyn Petite
Shirley Copeland
Michael Daugherty
Leslie Brown
Wade and Laura Fricke
Jessica Nussbaum
Timothy Haskett
Lisa Farah
Christopher Lowry

Anthony Vidmar
Jan Huffman
Brian McKenna
Stuart Culler
Delphine Despres
Bobbie Serensky
Katie Adick
Bill Holzeimer
Gina Bauer
Sandy Schach
Laurie Walsh
George and Anne Vanderbilt
Marti Jacobson
Carolyn Gruss
Amanda Schmidt
Kristen Rankin
Timothy Burke




Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation unveils plans for new Innovation Center to help better prep students for college and beyond

CHAGIN FALLS, OH (May 2, 2016) – The way in which students learn today – and how teachers teach – continues to drastically evolve. To help fully prepare students for college and the changing landscape of the world, a parent-led initiative is underway to build a flexible learning environment called the Innovation Center. Set to open this fall, the 4,300 sq. ft. center for grades 7 – 12 students and teachers, will integrate technology and creativity and promote designed thinking that aims to reach beyond traditional education boundaries. Aspects of the center will also support students k – 8 through Project Lead the Way STEM and robotics programming. Parents and the community of Chagrin Falls, under the guidance of the Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation, are working together to raise the funds needed to construct the new space, once again demonstrating the dedication and overwhelming support this community has for its students and teachers.


What is the Innovation Center

Many schools and universities are incorporating centers such as this one into their campus and curriculum (e.g. Case Western Reserve University’s think[box]). The goal of the Innovation Center is to push students to reach beyond traditional educational boundaries. As a district, Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools most recent strategic plan stresses flexible learning and individualized education for every student in the district. This space is in direct response to the plan as everyone from the school board to educators understands they are grooming future researchers, entrepreneurs and creators and it’s their responsibility to make every tool available to foster progressive learning.

Why is this needed

Teaching and learning has rapidly changed in recent years – and will continue to do so. Today, most people are able to quickly find facts, figures and calculations with a few clicks. Thus, the need for memorization has been replaced with the need for deep understanding; connection of ideas and the ability to apply and transfer said ideas to other areas of practice. Students of today must be trained in these areas and challenged to develop strategies to collaborate, ideate, research and problem-solve. A dramatic paradigm shift in the role of educators has occurred, moving away from delivery of content to facilitation of deep understanding and synthesis of information for students. If students are not exposed to this type of learning and thinking, they are at risk for falling behind and not properly being prepared for college.

Fundraising initiatives

Under the direction of the Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation, parents and the community are working together to raise approximately $600,000 for the center. To help kick start fundraising efforts, the parents of two Chagrin Falls students have graciously donated $150,000 to the center, and will then match donations dollar-for-dollar up to $200,000. Other initiatives include:

  • Chagrin Falls schools boasts a highly involved alumni group and efforts are underway, including a Go Fund me campaign, to tap into this connected network
  • A private VIP donor party will take place at M Italian on June 2. One of the goals of this party is to bring the Innovation Center to life so potential donors can experience it first-hand, including 3D printing, the use of robots to telepresence famous Chagrin Falls alumni and much more
  • The community can support the Innovation Center by donating here


About 4,300 square feet of current classroom and library space in the current Chagrin Falls Middle School will be dedicated to the Innovation Center, allowing for the development of three distinct yet interconnected spaces to be used by students across grades 7-12.

Innovative lab development:

  • Research Center: a connected space for research, idea creation & study
  • Collaboration Classroom: a place for group discussion and interaction, with the use of technology to connect beyond the borders of Chagrin Falls
  • Fab Lab: a makersspace to bring the students’ ideas to life, with 3D printers, embroidery machines, laser cutters, tools and more

Project Lead the Way and Robotics Programming Implementation in K-6:

  • Tech labs at Gurney Elementary and Chagrin Falls Intermediate School will be outfitted to support Project Lead the Way STEM programming across grades K-6, as of 2016-17
  • Provision of Lego WeDo Robotics kits with connected sets of iPads for K-6 use

State-of-the-art technology for 7-12 Embedded STREAM growth:

  • Creation of an Apple Lab to support enhanced computer programming and visual design across the art department
  • Provision of additional technology to support student work in entrepreneurship classes
  • Provision of state-of-the-art video equipment to grow video production programming


Images, 360 video and 3D renderings available upon request. TDA Architecture is responsible for the design of the space. Teachers are working in conjunction with the architects to provide insight and input in the final space.

Interviews, tours and more

Robert Hunt, CVEVS superintendent, Meg Nachtwey, president of the Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation, and teachers are all available for interviews. Tours of the future space are available upon request.